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Going Solo - The Baltic Sea (Kayak)

This was a year that would change Going Solo's approach to travel. Paul would be no longer travelling by himself as he would be joined by his Canadian partner Kelly Durst. At the end of May 2013 Paul jumped into a sea kayak and left Olso, Norway. He had two and a half weeks by himself before Kelly flew over from Canada to join him in Halmstad, Sweden. During these weeks prior to Kelly's arrival Paul developed his kayaking skills as he slowly paddled south. Paul had pretty much ZERO sea kayaking experience prior to this expedition but this didn't deter him. Taking on challenging waves and passing boats Paul was more than ready for Kelly to join.


8th of June 2013 was the first day that Kelly had ever sat inside a kayak and like Paul before this trip she had ZERO experience.  The Point 65 Mercury tandem kayak was now finally complete. Kelly and Paul then continued south along the west coast of Sweden together battling the harshest conditions in which the seas put upon them. It wasn't until the south coast that everything changed and the amazing Baltic summer made the kayaking trip unforgettable as they headed to Stockholm. 


From Stockholm, Sweden Kelly and Paul head east to the Aland islands before cris-crossing along the Finnish coastline. Tempertaures had changed and autum was approching fast. On arrival into Helsinki, Finland both Kelly and Paul knew it was time to change from kayaking to bicycles to make the most of the last few weeks before the harsh Baltic weather took a turn for the worst.

Read more about the journey in detail here - Oslo to Helsnki 

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