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After proving the success of the bikecar's ability to the world during the QuadEpic journey Paul was straight into the planning of getting his bikecar to Canada to make another dream come true. Paul fell inlove with Canada during previous visits to the worlds second largest country and it wasn't long after the bikecar was rescued from the nun's in Italy that Paul set about getting the bikecar shipped to Canada.

With a huge transformation to the bikecar's design and the confirmation of arrival of the bikecar to Canada after a 6 week journey over the Atlantic Ocean, Paul was reunited with his four wheeled steed to commence a journey that would change his life forever.

Over the 5 and a half months that it took Paul to cycle from East to West of Canada Paul would undergo some of the most challenging times of his life that he conquered one at a time. It was also a time to meet some incredibly friendly people that would also help shape this incredible journey into one that will never be forgotten.

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The new improved bike is now only catered to seat two people at the front with the rear seats being replaced with a small, lightweight trailer storage box that will contain personal effects and equipment required for the duration of the expedition. The bike is still rear wheel driven, with both the left and right rear wheels operating independently of each other. The two riders are also still on separate freewheel systems, so variable pedal speed and rest is available at all times. It also features four wheel disc brakes, and replaceable joint hardware and fittings. The front left hand rider will still have full control over the steering and brake systems, a particularly important modification as the cycling in Canada will be left hand drive.


Paul Everitt - Going Solo is the vision of Paul Everitt, a 26 year old entrepreneur from Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire, UK. After many years of hard work developing a successful plumbing business, he made a fateful decision in the winter of 2005… taking a vacation to France. It was during this trip, and meeting a variety of interesting and inspirational characters, that his eyes were opened to the wonder, excitement and endless possibilities the world had to offer. In August 2006 he left his former life behind and took off on a quest to experience new and amazing places and people. 

Over the next four years, he accomplished everything he had ever hoped for, exceeding both his expectations and wildest dreams. Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica and Canada were among the many destinations he experienced, the last two being of particular significance. 

It was through travel that he discovered a deep love and respect for wildlife and our natural world from helping sea turtles lay their eggs in Costa Rica, to tracking herds of elk across the vast Canadian Northwest Territories. He found an interest in nature photography, and spent over a month camping alone deep in the forests of Vancouver Island, Canada. It was here that Paul decided he needed to do something to help protect and conserve our beautiful planet. 

He had always had an idea in the back of his mind to travel from England to Turkey. Upon returning to England in September 2009, Paul put into motion plans to achieve his goal and QuadEpic was born. In addition to experiencing the amazing and vastly different people and places our world has to offer, he saw an opportunity to raise funds for a charity who shares his passion and one which is in a position to really make a difference.

After the unforeseen end of the QuadEpic adventure in Italy, Paul was spurred on to start planning his next adventure. He first had to rescue his much loved 4-wheeled bike from Nuns in Malnate, Italy. The decision was easy; Canada was calling to be reunited with Paul for one more adventure.


Deanne Paolucci, 11th July 2011.

Deanna is from Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario but currently lives in Australia. She was home visiting her family and happened to flag me down on HW17 as I left Sault-Ste-Marie, the next day after we meet she was on the bikecar helping me cycle along the lake.

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Daniela Salmann, 2nd August 2011.

It was my last day in Ontario and with only a few Km left till I hit the Manitoba boarder Daniela and her boyfriend were waiting at the roadside flagging me down to pull over. We shared a glass of Ice tea to only have them both help me out to get over the last hills and pass over into my next province.

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Nathan Buck, 16th August 2011. 

While cycling through Caronport, SK I had the pleasure of having Nathan join me on the Bikecar for a few Km to help me through some horrible head winds. He's one of the kindest people I have had on the bike and was a total pleasure to have him on the bike.

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Grant Macmillon & Kiel Braun, 18th August 2011.

Grant and Kiel came to my rescue after a few emails, texts and radio interviews. I was cycling near Swift Current, Saskatchewan. and was in need of some help as the wind was getting the better of me this day. They are both members of a Swift Current cycle club and between them they both did over 25km each which got me into the city and out. I just hope they both weren't into much pain the next day, as I know I was. It continues to amaze me when people help like this as I wonder how far I would have actually made it that day if they didn't come into my life.

Nicole Murphy, 8th - 28th August 2011.

Niki as she likes to be called came into my life months before this time period, we crossed paths in Quebec. Niki was doing her own cycling trip across Canada for charity, but while in Winnipeg she got knocked of her bike by a taxi. Pretty much from there I wasn't able to lose her as she followed me on her on bicycle using me as a shield from the wind. But I hate to admit it Niki kept me rolling when times got hard manly due to her clumsiness as she crashed into my bikecar time and time again (maybe she crashed into the taxi and not him into her?). Even though this lady went to the toilet more times in one day than I would go in a week we forged a friendship that I will be truly grateful for the fest of my life. Nicole Murphy thank you for all you did to keep me rolling.

Check out her blog here.


Emmanuel Gentinetta, 22nd & 25th August 2011.

I first thought Emmanuel was just a mirage heading towards me as I headed west down highway 1 (Trans Canada) in Alberta, I was soon to be proven wrong as he helped me pedal at a much needed time and a few days later he returned to help me get into Calgary.

Read more of his story from them two days here.

Kirk Johnston, 26th August 2011

Kirk is married to Jynn and while I lived in Fernie, BC in 2009 I worked as a Doorman at the bar they managed. While staying with them both in Calgary Kirk asked to be part of the trip and help me cycle out of the city. He ended up cycling 30km on the bikecar and up some huge hills that would have destroyed me if I took them on by myself. Kirk it was a pleasure to share the pain and memories once again, Thank you.

Jake Brenkley, 3rd September 2011.

I met Jake while hanging out at the bar he worked at in Banff. He approached me asking if he could have a go on the bike, I was more than happy to take him for a spin around the streets of Banff. Next thing he’s asking to spend the whole day on it to go to Lake Louise and again I was more than happy to say yes. We spent more than 9 hrs cycling the bike, seeing sights and setting a personal best for distance covered on the bike with two people, 130km!! Was a pleasure to have him as my first Australian on the bikecar in Canada.

Adam Bortolussi, 28th August, 5th & 6th September 2011 

Adam Has been a good friend since I started travelling in 2006, he’s also been my boss while living in Fernie, BC in 2008. Adam has been behind this trip since day 1 and was very keen to get on the bike. Adam helped me cycle from Canmore to Banff then a week later Banff to Golden via Lake Louise. I can't thank you enough for your amazing humour that kept me cycling during them days, real proud of you for the 174km you cycled.

Daryl West, 25th September 2011

Sadly Daryl got the worst deal when it came down to weather, all it did was rain heavily from Whistler to Squamish. We were meant to go all the way to Horseshow Bay but I decided to end the day early due to my nappy rash worsening from my damp clothes. I had the pleasure of meeting Daryl while staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Whistler over 4 nights. Thank you for keeping me smiling when the weather was pants.

Katelyn Perry, 5th October 2011

Katelyn was the last person to cycle the bikecar in Canada. She was meant to be on the trip across Europe in 2010 but sadly due to the unforeseen circumstances that ended that trip she missed out. A whole year later Katelyn helps me cycle my last 40km on Vancouver Island to the ferry that will take me to America. Was a privilege to have you in the seat.

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