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The Global Inukshuk Hunt

If you're looking for something fun to do whilst on your next adventure or even if you have a spare hour then be apart of this fantastic global build and search for Inukshuks.

What is an Inukshuk?


An Inukshuk or Inuksuk is a stone landmark used by Inuit people of the Arctic region of North America. I first discovered these beautiful sculptures in 2006 during my first visit to Canada. They were possibly used as markers for travel or even points of reference for navigating many moons ago - A perfect symbol for any keen adventurer. Read more about them on Wikipedia.

I've been a little obsessed with them ever since and when I've had the chance to create one in a beautiful location there is little stopping me. In 2013 while on the Baltic I thought it would be a good idea to turn this obsession into a global hunt that all can be a part of in my attempt to "Do More, See More, Explore More".

I've added locations to the map below so you can go on a hunt for those that have been previously built or why not go and build your own to add to the database.


To contribute


  • Build your own Inukshuk or visit exisiting locations and report back.

  • Take photos or film your build [Upload your video to Youtube].

  • Name your Inukshuk.

  • Take note of your Inukshuk's location so others can find it.

  • Email me it's location with videos and pictures so it can be added to the map below -

Nominate a friend to build an Inukshuk by clicking on the Tweet link to the right and add their Twiiter name.




Please add your comments if you have found one at these locations, have built one or want help on how to build one. 

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