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Going Solo - Old School Mississippi Rafting Adventure

Taking on the Mississippi River could only be taken on in one particular way for Paul Everitt and while he was on his bikecar trip across Canada he set about building the raft in his head. Whilst in Banff, Alberta Paul had time to sketch out the raft on a napkin. Less than a year later Paul's napkin design came to life.

While working away on the shores of the Mississippi River with very limited tools and equipment Paul and a few locals made what some thought was impossible possible. A traditional raft was created and launched into one of the greatest rivers in the world. 


Armed with just two oars the expedition began. The river's megestic ways captivated Paul's heart instantly and helped settle his nerves. River life was new to Paul and he was welcomed with open arms constantly by people along the river.

Paul's dream was to go as long as possible down the Mississppi River during his 90 day visa. Less than 6 weeks into the trip it became obvious to Paul that his trip would have to end a lot sooner. With no end destination in mind the raft and Paul came to a stand still on the shores of the state of Wisconsin due to the raft soaking in too much water into the logs. The raft didn't sink but the weight of it increased making the raft to heavy to minouver along the river and doding the barges and locks in safety.

From leaving the shores of the Mississippi Paul knew that his next expedition to follow this had to be on water yet again... but where?

One of the best stories to come from the river was when Paul nearly lost his arm due to a drunk boater. Read More.

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