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Sharing is Caring in the Adventure World

For a number of years now I’ve been working hard at sharing other people's journeys alongside my own in the form of Going Solo Adventures [GSA] Q&A Sessions. Now I look forward to taking the GSA blog page to the next level by hosting fellow adventurers and their journeys. So with excitement I want to share with you my vision. I want to invite people who are undertaking an adventurous trip to email me a weekly or fortnightly summary/write up as their journey progresses. Then I will do the hard work of editing and adding it to GSA NEW blog page that will be dedicated to this new movement - A perfect third party site to share your journey. There is no long term or short term commitment to this and like I stated above it can be weekly or fortnightly - Schedule this into the timing that fits you best. You will also get a portfolio page that has links to all your social media outlets and previous write ups for GSA. Going Solo Adventures has grown organically over the years and in recent months has accelerated its growth substantially. We get an average of 8000 people per month reading the Q&A sessions, this makes for a perfect time to transition to this new vision. If this interest you please email me at and tell me about your journey.

Sharing is caring in the Adventure World.

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