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My Banff Top 5

I’ve been visiting Banff frequently since 2006, I’ve even briefly lived and worked here to witness the backbone of people that keeps this picturesque town alive and running when the tourist flock. The following are some of my favorite things to do while in the Bow Valley. Tunnel Mountain For one of the best views of Banff and the Bow Valley I recommend you hike to the top of Tunnel Mountain. This isn’t a difficult hike to the top and you can easily be up and down in 3hr’s and that time frame accounts for your Instagram selfie.

Refreshments If you are looking for a balcony with a view, good beers and friendly staff the Banff Ave Brewing Co is a must. Make sure you order a test flight to appreciate what they create on site and then relax to a view down Banff Ave for a spot of people watching.

The Loop I mentioned this in my Canmore Top 5, but cycling the Legacy Trail is a must. If you’re feeling adventurous you can push the miles and cycle back to Banff via the Goat Creek Trail and around Rundle Mountain. We allowed a full day to cover this journey to allow for a beer/pizza break halfway.

The Good Stuff: Food Deciding where to eat in Banff can be tricky as you’re spoilt with many options and I personally can't narrow it down to one... so I’m giving you my two favourite. Firsts is the Sushi House [or Sushi Train], this is one of the first places I like to eat on returning to Banff. So many great memories eating here whilst watching the train deliver food and the sushi [in my opinion] is the best. Next is Aardvark’s Pizza, I have no idea what secret ingredients these guys combine in their pizzas, but I guarantee you will be hooked. I normally buy one slice, and then a second... and then soon regret not ordering a full pizza. These guys are soooo good at what they do.

Banff My final top tip for Banff is to get out and explore the streets, the trials and make friends with the locals. You will be surprised what you find around each corner, and you never know you might find some local wildlife roaming the streets. Please comment below on what are some of your favourite things to do in Banff.

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