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Water-to-Go water filter bottles

When reading through our GSA Q&A Sessions with over 125 adventurous people, a certain piece of kit that pops up more frequent than anything else is a Water-to-Go water filter bottle. Both Kelly and I have used these while out cycling, kayaking and even hiking. On the Danube river it made the water we traveled on drinkable while we paddled in our affordable dignity. So recently GSA teamed up with Water-to-Go to offer you a 15% discount towards your very own water filter bottle. To get your 15% Discount on your very own Water-to-Go filter bottle click this link and use this discount code: GSA15

Here are a few other adventurous people who also back this fantastic company and list a Water-to-Go bottle in their top 3 bits of kit during our GSA Q&A Sessions...

Ash Dykes - Laura Kennington -

Jo Bradshaw - Emily Conrad Pickles and James Davis -

Chaz Powell -

Olie Hunter Smart -

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