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December 1, 2018




This December we bring you the second #GSAChristmasCountdown Q&A Session.

Every day until Christmas Eve we are bringing you a NEW Q&A Session with some very inspiring and adventurous people. The Q&A Sessions explore their personal adventures highs and lows, kit, who to follow in 2019 and much more. 

Days to go...


24 - Linda and Tim from Pedalling the Planet, read more here.... [Long distance bicycle touring]

23 - Michnus and Elsebie from PikiPiki, read more here... [Round the world/overland by motorcycle]

22 - Leo and Rebecca from Paddling North, read more here.... [Sea kayaking/long distance]

21 - Mattijs, Desy and Paco from Dreams on Wheels, read more here.... [Vanlife]

20 - Hera van Willick, read more here.... [Long distance bicycle touring]

19 - Eleanor Moseman, read more here.... [Asia/Hiking/bicycle touring]

18 -  Jade and Alex from Wander don't Wonder, read more here.... [Overland/Motorcycle]

17 - Harry Morris, read more here.... [bicycle touring]

16 - Libby Bowles, read more here.... [Bicycle touring]

15 - Rae Hadley, read more here.... [Bicycle touring]

14 - Anna Blackwell, read more here.... [kayak touring]

13 - Kate Culverwell, read more here.... [kayak touring]

12 - Darren Alff, read more here.... [Bicycle touring]

11 - Oli France, read more here.... [Full time adventurer]

10 - Colin Hales, read more here.... [Plane/around the world]

9 - Clare Osborn, read more here.... [kayak touring]

8 - Joff Summerfield, read more here.... [Bicycle touring]

7 - Sean Conway, read more here.... [Endurance/cycling/running] 

6 - Richard Matthews, read more here.... [Endurance]

5 - Ann Johansson, read more here.... [Bicycle touring] 

4 - Tom Dunn, read more here.... [Travel]

3 - Brendan Rendall, read more here.... [running adventures]

2 - Cazz Lander, read more here.... [Ocean rowing]

1 - Rob Saunders, read more here.... [Scooting/Hiking]

Christmas Day Bonus Q&A - Pete and Alice McNeil, read more here.... [bicycle touring]



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