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What would be on My Bucket List

My world is changing on a daily basis with so many thoughts and ideas on how I want to make the most of the years we’ve been granted. Health, family and they way we live can influence our dreams and aspirations... sometimes we need encouragement by friends and even lists.

A couple of years ago I created a new Buff design - My Buff List... but I never capitalised on its capability to inspire my own dreams. I never really committed to writing a list of goals I wanted to achieve on my own bucket list Buff design.

So what would be on my list...

1 - Float down the Yukon. I’ve been wanting to travel the length of the Yukon River for so many years now, either by kayak, canoe or rowboat. Being lost in the North America wilderness is always my dream to escape from the troubles of our modern world. When kayaking the Inside Passage a few years back with Kelly it gave me a hint of that freedom that the North American wilderness can offer. 2 - Ski through Scandinavia. I can’t ski, but the idea of crossing the tops of Norway, Sweden and Finland has always captured my heart.

3 - Finish Kayaking the Baltic Sea. There is a huge amount of the Baltic Sea coastline I’ve not paddled and It would be a dream to complete that one day with Kelly.

4 - Spend a weekend away with Family. Now It’s been many years since I’ve gone camping with family and just recently due to certain circumstances I’d love to get away with my brother and Dad... I’d love to go packrafting with them somewhere in the UK.

5 - Get back to the Alps. I once lived in Morzine out the back of my old Ford Transit a few years back, and I’d love to get back out that way and push myself to hike more of its picturesque mountains and paint its vast views. Morzine is definitely a great hub to discover your outdoor goals too and an even better location to start a road trip into the heart of the Alps. 6 - Patagonia... too many good reasons to write why.

7 - Packraft more. During 2020 I’ll be pushing myself to take on some packrafting courses in the UK, so hopefully one day I can push myself to explore various grades on river systems. I think I could write a whole packrafting buck list of its own... To paddle in the Alps, Scotland, Norway, Canada... Patagonia. So many destinations. 8 - Japan. Asia has never really been on my radar as I just love the Northern Hemispheres wilderness to much, but recently with the help of a couple of TV documentaries Japan has really intrigued my imagination.

Please comment below as I'd love to hear about your bucket list dreams.

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