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How To Prepare For Traveling Solo

As COVID-19 vaccinations roll out across the globe, it’s clear that we are moving in the right direction. As a result, it may be time to start planning your next international adventures- whether you want to dip your toes in crystal blue oceans or wander through the sprawling countryside. However, having spent more time indoors than ever before, you may be on the lookout for the trip of a lifetime - a step up from your usual holiday. One way in which you can do exactly that is by heading off on a solo adventure!

There are simply hundreds of reasons as to why you should consider traveling solo. Not only do you get to see the world, but you are also given the opportunity to learn something new about yourself when traveling. However, if you are used to traveling in a group or with friends and family, then the first solo trip can be particularly daunting.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Solo traveling can be a great deal of fun; you just need to ensure you carefully plan your trip ahead of time. With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to prepare for a solo adventure!

  • Plan your trip carefully ahead of time - researching every destination. This is especially important if you want to visit multiple different countries, as you need to know exactly what to expect from each destination. Write down a list of every place you wish to see - as this will help you put together the most logical route.

  • Remember to plan hotel transfers ahead of time, or hire your own transport from the airport. This can save you a lot of stress and anxiety, as you don’t want to arrive in a new country late at night without knowing how you will get to your hotel or hostel.

  • Remember that solo traveling does not necessarily mean you have to do everything alone. Signing up for group activities, such as tours and treks, is a great way to meet new friends and discover more about the area you are visiting. For example, if you were spending a lot of time in Iceland, then it’s definitely worthwhile to look into tour companies that give you the chance to trek across Iceland with an expert guide leading the way.

  • Think carefully about how you will fund your adventures, as you don't want to land yourself in a difficult financial situation. Think realistically about your budget - so that you know exactly how much you can spend on your adventures. Remember that if you want to work when traveling, you’ll need to obtain a specific kind of visa.

Ensuring that you have all of the materials you need on hand - while also being mindful of overpacking. For example, packing for a trekking holiday is vastly different from packing for a beachside hotel trip. Try to source a quality backpack that won’t be too heavy but will also allow you to carry everything you need with you.


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