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On the 4th of June 2010 after arriving back in Grimsby, England from a long drawn out flight from Italy without my quadbike, my pride and joy, I started plotting a rescue mission to save her from the Nuns that kindly said they would look after it for 2 weeks. After that 2 week period they were going to turn it into scrap.

I started ringing round rental companies to hire a van big enough to fit the bike in the back. Then I was approached by a friend I'd made from my travels in New Zealand, Dr Edward Dallas. He wanted to be a part of the rescue trip in bringing the bike home to England.

With P&O Ferries kindly paying for our crossing there and back over the Channel there was no stopping me and Ed from saving the bike. With our hired Mercedes Sprinter van, camping gear in the back, double mattress pumped and fuel tank full we powered our way south through France having an over night stop near Lyon. The next day we carried on the 980 mile drive to where the Nuns lived in Malnate, Italy.

The Nuns looked after the bike and it was still in top working condition so we decided to head towards Morzine in France via the San Gottardo pass to give the bike one final ride in main land Europe. 

The bike back safely in the UK has been modified to fit the Canadian terrain and ready to go for it's new adventure.

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