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Going Solo - USA

The journey south from Vancouver, Canada wasn't ever part of Paul's plan to cycle across this vast continent but knowing it wasn't time to finish this life changing journey it was an easy decision to cycle south into the USA.

Paul had the chance on this trip to meet up with some friends from when he lived in New Zealand and even met a four legged friend along the way. Paul rescued Dennis the dog aka Gunner. Dennis would join Paul in the passenger seat for a number of days which resulted in having Dennis rehomed with a lovely postel lady before being reunited with his actual owner. 

​This journey was to be nothinig like Canada, the USA was a bonus and with no true end date or destination in sight the road for Paul and the bikecar was open for adventure. The USA challenged Paul in some potentially dangerous situations from having a rifle pointed at him while cycling to even being hit by a speeding truck that was very intentional. 


Over 1000km later and with a new perspective to the USA Paul and the bikecar ended the journey in Eugene, Oregon. This was also the end of Paul and the bikecar's relationship as they parted ways and sadly never saw eachother again. 


Ian Steger, 6th, 12th & 13th October 2011


Ian and I met back in Queenstown, NZ in 2007/8 while working at the same bar. Once Ian found out I was on his way down to America from Canada there was no Stopping him from being apart of this next stage of my trip. Ian met me at the border and cycled me to his home in Bellingham, WA my first destination.




Read more of his story from them days spent on the bike here.

Dennis aka Gunner, 17th & 18th October 2011


Dennis came into my life after saving him on a back road near Dayton, WA. He was my best friend and companion for the best two days of the trip. I misses him dearly and knowing he has now been safely relocated to his owner it makes me very happy. I would have never of guessed his name was Gunner!!




This is Dennis's aka Gunners story from them incredible two days, enjoy the story & video's here.



Gabe Newton, 24th October 2011


After a casual days cycling up some drawn out hills on Hwy 30 into Ranier, OR I was met by Gabe on the side of the Hwy. He had pulled over to help me cycle for a few miles. He had less than a mile to do on a flat road which led to a huge, long, fast & EPIC downhill hitting speeds around 45mph. I couldn't help but laugh all the way down and once at the bottom Gabe had a long walk back up the hill to his car. Was a pleasure to share that down hill with you.

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