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Here at Going Solo Adventures we live to experience more and to own less. This leads us to announce with great joy that we are now Ambassadors for - An Adventurous company with the same values of Living More through the gift of sharing experiences.

What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is a hub of unique experiences throughout the world, that with a click of a button you can gift a friend or family member a memory to last a life time.


  • As the giver simply purchase a Tinggly gift box for £80 ($125) 

  • The Tinggly gift is sent either by email, post or a print out that you can deliver in person 

  • Your friend or loved one who's been lucky enough to recieve a Tinggly gift will then have 2 years to decide how to enjoy themselves from the many experiences located on the Tinggly Map


It's now your turn to feel warm and Tinggly as you watch them plan their next adventure.




Going Solo Adventure's Tinggly Wish-List

"With being on the Danube River their are a few places I would love to visit to make this journey unforgettable" - Paul Everitt, Going Solo Adventures Founder.



"A trek in nature followed by a relaxing soak in the spa sounds like a perfect day for me" - Kelly Durst, Going Solo Ambassador


Experiences Inspired by

Here at Going Solo we are feeling inspired to experience more while on our future adventures.


Going Solo Adventure's is feeling proud, inspired and excited to be a brand ambassador for Tinggly so to celebrate we have compiled a few of our own experiences from recent years from our trips to New Zealand, Canada, Central America and more. We look forward to adding future experiences from the Danube River and beyond with Tinggly** and on our own occurances. 


** Experiences had with Tinggly will have the Tinggly Ambassabor Logo attached to the appropriate photos in the above slide.

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