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2017: Going Solo - The Inside Passage

Spring/Summer 2017

This coming Spring/Summer Kelly and Paul will be returning to the water, this time to the west coast of North America. 

Kelly and Paul hope to explore "The Inside Passage" from Skagway, Alaska to Seattle, Washington. They will be using the much loved Point 65 Sweden Mercury Kayak, this time they will be paddling solo unlike their previous tandem trip around the Baltic Sea. 

2017: Going Solo - The French Connection

Winter 2017

Weather permitting Kelly and Paul will be heading to the Loire Valley, France to connect the Mayenne River and Loire River by kayak.

This will be a nice warm up before their 3-4 month kayaking journey along the Northwest coastline of North America. 

2016: Going Solo - Cycling home, Canada

Fall 2016

Kelly had a small window of opportunity to cycle home from Canmore, Alberta to Barrie, Ontario. With very little convincing Paul was instantly keen to cycle across a continent in which he loves to explore. 

In just 34 days Kelly and Paul made their way through Canada, the USA and back in to Canada again just before Winter made its appearance. 

2016: Going Solo - Rafting the Bow River, Alberta Canada

Summer 2016

A familiar river that both Kelly and Paul have cycled and driven along whilst living in the Bow Valley. 2016 was a time for Kelly and Paul to discover the river from a different prospective. 

Going Solo Adventures Future Expeditions

2016 +

Every week there seems to be a new adventure to be undertaken, but below in no order are a few expeditions we are keen to make happen.

  • Canoe the Yukon River

  • Walk Norway

  • Ski Finland

  • Cycle New Zealand

2015: Going Solo - Cycling Europe

Summer 2015

With only three weeks of paddling the Danube on the rafts Paul and Kelly switched up the inflatables for bicycles and continued cycling to Romania. 

This journey would then continue down part of the Rhine as they both cycled back to the UK.

2015: Going Solo - Rafting the Danube

Summer 2015

Paul Everitt and Kelly Durst will attempt to raft the entire length of the Danube River from Germanys Black Forest all the way to Romanias Black Sea. 

The journey will be on inflatable rafts which will hopefully inspire others to join in the fun this summer.

2015: Going Solo - In Search of Snow

March 2015

For many years Paul has had the idea of cycling to the snow with his snowboard on tow. Finally everything fell into place for this journey to be made possible. With his snowboard attached to a trailer Paul cycled from his home town in England to the French resort of Chamonix.


2014: Going Solo - Bikecar LEJOG

Summer 2014

The summer of 2014 see's the return of the bikecar. During the spring Paul will build from scratch a new wheeled, two seated bikecar to take on a UK Adventure for the first time. 

Keep posted for new update by "Liking" Going Solo's Facebook Page.

2013: Going Solo - The Baltic States (Bicycle)

September - October 2013

On arrival by kayak into Helsinki both Kelly and Paul knew their trip around the Baltic Sea wasn't ready to be over. But with the end of the summer season also came the colder weather which made kayaking more challenging. So both Kelly and Paul swapped the kayak for some preloved bicycles and set about cycling home to England.

2013: Going Solo - The Baltic Sea (Kayak)

May - July 2013

During a mammoth 3 month journey from Oslo, Norway to Helsinki, Finland by kayak Paul Everitt was joined by Kelly Durst for an adventure that tested them both with their non-existant sea kayaking skills. Paul and Kelly left the Baltic with a new love for the sea and kayaking.

2012: Going Solo - Old School Mississippi Rafting Adventure

June - July 2012

Paul needed a new challenge for 2012 and a new mode of transport. Inspired by Huckleberry Finn and intrigued by the USA it only made sence to raft down the Mississippi River like Mr Finn. With nothing but ropes and timber Paul created a raft that many believed wouldn't float.

2011: Going Solo - USA

October - November 2012

Once reaching the west coast of Canada Paul knew it was too soon for the bikecar journey to end. With no intention of stopping Paul turned south and cycled the bikecar into the USA. The journey over 1 month was more testing then the whole journey across Canada

2011: Going Solo - Canada

May - October 2011

After the success of the bikecar travelling from Grimsby to Italy in 2010 Paul set about having the bikecar sent too his favorite country - Canada. Then over a long 5 and a half months Paul cycled the bikecar from the east of Canada to the west taking on many challenges along the breathtaking roads that stretch across the worlds second largest country.

2010: Going Solo - The Rescue

July 2010

On the 4th of June in 2010 after arriving back in Grimsby, England from a long and drawn out flight from Italy without the Quadbike, Paul's pride and joy, he began plotting a rescue mission to save her from the Nuns that kindly said they would look after her for 2 weeks. After that 2 week period they were going to turn her into scrap.


2010: QuadEpic England to Italy

May - July 2010

Bored of backpacking Paul returned to England and set about building a bikecar. Unlike anything else on the road Paul created a challenging vehicle powered by legs. Many people doubted the ability of the bikecar but as soon as Paul and the bikecar cleared the English borders and after a 12 hour ferry journey the QuadEpic tour was well on its way into the Netherlands and beyond. 

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