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Paul Everitt - England

Paul the founder of Going Solo is no stranger to the alluring world of travel and adventure. Back in 2006 while on a snowboarding holiday in the French Alps Paul became inspired by the lifestyles of some backpackers he met while chatting over a beer. Realizing that he was no longer satisfied with his comfortable job and life in Grimsby, England he decided to lay down his plumbing tools in exchange for a backpack and the open road.


Paul took the common route as a backpacker and headed for Australia, making a ‘slight’ detour to the Canadian Rockies and Fijian islands along the way. After spending one year working and travelling all corners of Australia, Paul made his way to Queenstown, New Zealand and back to Canada where he remained until 2009. It was only when he was backpacking and volunteering in Central America that he realized it was time to retire the backpack and start traveling in new and bespoke ways.


In 2010 the Bikecar was built to take on Europe in his QuadEpic Adventure from England to Italy. The following year Paul spent six months in the Bikecar travelling across Canada and down the West Coast of America. During this expedition Paul’s next adventure was dreamt up with inspiration from Huckleberry Finn. He spent the summer of 2012 rowing down the Mississippi on a traditional timber raft he handcrafted himself. In Paul’s most recent adventure he kayaked 2100km around the Baltic Sea to Helsinki, Finland after never having kayaked before, and then cycled 2300km through the remaining Baltic States to Grimsby, England for some fish and chips. Currently Paul keeps busy with his blog, the community at Going Solo, and planning his next adventure on a Baby Bikecar from Land’s end to Johnny Groats.

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