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Be Inspired for 2018

This December we bring you the very first #GSAChristmasCountdown Q&A Session. Every day until Christmas Eve we are bringing you a NEW Q&A Session with some very inspiring and adventurous people. The Q&A Sessions explore their personal adventures highs and lows, kit, who to follow in 2018 and much more. Days to go...

24 - Aaron Mitchell, read more here.... [Overland motorbike/around the world]

23 - Alex Mason, read more here.... [hiking, cycling]

22 - Alex Staniforth, read more here.... [Climber, cyclist, adventurer]

21 - Fiona Quinn, read more here.... [Walking, cycling and SUP adventures]

20 - Anna Blackwell, read more here.... [hiking, kayaking, cycling]

19 - Lewis from AdventureFuel, read more here.... [long distance bicycle touring, bikepacking]

18 - Erin Bastian, read more here.... [Long distance sea kayaker]

17 - Scott Butler, read more here.... [He does everything, cycling, running, hiking, paddling]

16 - Tom Day, read more here.... [Hitchhiking around the world]

15 - Chaz Powell, read more here.... [Adventurer, long distance walk]

14 - Alice Bowers, read more here.... [Long distance bicyle touring, packrafting]

13 - Mirko Buzzelli, read more here.... [Long distance bicycle touring]

12 - David Horkan, read more here.... [Long distance sea kayaker]

11 - Frances Mills, read more here.... [Long distance running]

10 - Chris Jackson, read more here.... [Overland motorbike/around the world]

9 - Jayne Thompson, read more here.... [Long distance bikepacking]

8 - Tim Millikin, read more here. [Long distance bicycle touring]

7 - Shara Dillon, read more here. [long distance kayaking, overland/4x4]

6 - Matthew Crompton, read more here. [bikepacking, hiking]

5 - Tom Dunn, read more here. [SUP]

4 - Huw Kingston. read more here. [rowing, kayaking, cycling, walking]

3 - Charlie Knight, red more here. [hiking]

2 - Ishbel from World Bike Girl, read more here. [Bicycle touring, world, dogs, rescue]

1 - Olie Hunter Smart, read more here. [Hiking, walking, backpacking, India]

Christmas Day Bonus Q&A - Kelly Durst read more here. [Cycling, Kayaking, rafting, hiking, travel, adventure].

Keep popping back as the countdown continues or follow our Facebook page.

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